Creative Directors must do things.

Many people are there in the world that have different titles on their business card. Do they live up to that title? If you don’t know or aren’t sure, here’s the list that will tell you about what it takes to be a proper creative director.

Set the objectives and standards so that every person understands it

People must know about their bar and also what is expected of them. Always higher is better. But, be clear with the examples and expectations, especially if you are trying to change and improve the work which is moving forward.

Be accessible as well as approachable and eliminate anxiety

You are the new CD, and many creative people are working already in your department for the creative director magazine. They’ll be anxious and nervous to know what it means to them, and they’ll also be eager to know about you.

Find what your staff thinks about the work and ask for their suggestions

You might want to know how they feel about your work and they want to see if you are willing to ask for their opinion. They’ll appreciate that you are listening and also you’ll get to know whether they share the same standards like yours.

Create the space for honest engagement

Allow any person to speak what they want to, throw any idea or express opinion about the work. In the last, it will be your leadership, and you have to make it, but if others feel that they can be honest, you’ll have a better culture.

Do some of the work yourself, but not the plum assignments

This remains tricky, always. If you do work, you might risk competing with your team.

On the other hand, they’ll respect the opinions about their work if they know that you may still bring it. Here, the key is to give the best assignments and then do something with the one which you may keep for yourself.

Give every person a fair chance, but also keep the duds away

The creative department isn’t as good as the best talent. It is only as good as it is worst. If you have done everything but still have the people who aren’t delivering work that makes your agency or creative business famous, they need to move ahead.

Hire people who are better than you

Some of the CDs face a hard time with this, either out of the insecurity or not wanting to show up. But, you have evaluated by the level of talent that you attract and also the work you inspire them to make. They can also teach you a thing or two.

Take the blame and not the credit

If you have approved the work, then better stand behind it. If it gets rejected or bombed, take the responsibility on yourself. If it is the success, give credit to the people who did it and stay back.

Remain out of the way

Give the creative some space. If you have some objectives and standards and they know you have given them the responsibility, then let them work.

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